Story No. 441 – Fatimah Ma’soomah’s burial rites

The Muslims and the well wishers of Ahlul-bayt respectfully washed the holy body of Hadhrat Ma’soomah and shrouded her, and when the burial time arrived the As’ari nobles decide to bury her at a special place and not at the common cemetery. This was unusually a respect for the noble lady who was the daughter of Imam Kadhim (A.S).

Musa ibn Khazraj also undertook this noble task. He had a big garden in an area called Babulan. He donated the place for Bibi Ma’soomah to be buried. All the other preparations were ready. Now the question was who would bury her? This talk was going on when finally they concluded that an old man called Qadir be appointed for this job. Qadir was summoned to give the last funeral rites, but before he could come, two-veiled person on the horse (contrary to the prevailing customs) suddenly appeared and went near the burial place. They dismounted, led the prayer of mayyit and with respect laid her body to rest then left. The funeral ceremony was over and the town of Qum decided to build a Mausoleum for the Imam’s dear daughter. Musa ibn Khazraj donated the whole garden now as a burial ground for the Muslim and surrounding boundaries for the followers of Ali (A.S).