Story No. 459 – The Foreseen Events Fulfilled One By One for Nargis Khatoon (sa)

Bishr Al-Ansari said that he followed all the instructions as given to him by his master, Imam Ali Al-Naqi (as) with regard to this slave girl. All the events that his master foretold materialized. Bishr Al-Ansari added: When she read the letter, she started to cry and said to Umar bin Yazid Al-Nakhas sell me to the writer of this letter, swearing and threatening to kill herself if he did not. Bishr Al-Ansari started to bargain with the slave trader on the price until he agreed to sell her at amount given to Bishr Al-Ansari by his master, Imam Ali Al-Naqi (as). Bishr Al-Ansari received the cheering and happy slave girl and accompanied her to the little room where he stayed in Baghdad. As she sat down, she took out the letter and started kissing it and swabbing with it her eyes, face and body.