Story No. 461 – The Marriage of the Roman princess Malika with Imam Hassan Askari (as)

Nargis Khatoon (sa) said: “That night, I had a vision as I saw Jesus (as) with Shimeon and a number of other disciples gathered in my grandfather’s palace, where a high tribune of bright light was erected in the same place where my grandfather was enthroned.

I saw Prophet Mohammad (SAW), his son-in-law and Imam Ali Al-Mortadha (as) with eleven of his sons entering the place. Jesus (as) advanced to receive them and embraced Prophet Mohammad (SAW). Prophet Mohammad (SAW) said to Jesus: “O’ spirit of God, I came to you to betroth and engage your disciple Shimeon’s daughter Malika to this son of mine, pointing out to Imam Hassan Askari (as), and the writer of this letter.” Jesus (as) looked at Shimeon and said: “Honor has marched towards you. Relate your kin to the kinship of the progeny of Prophet Mohammad (SAW).” Shimeon replied: “I did”. Then Prophet Mohammad (SAW) ascended the tribune and gave an eloquent speech and conducted my marriage ceremony to his son. Jesus (as) bore witness as well as Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and the present disciples of Jesus (as).