Story No. 464 – In the Presence of the 10th Imam, Imam Ali Al-Naqi (as)

Bishr Al-Ansari said: When I returned with her to Samarra. She met my master Imam Ali Al-Naqi (as), her husband’s father, who asked her: “How Allah showed you the dignity of Islam and the honor of Mohammad and his progeny (as)?” She said: “What can I say O’ son of the Messenger of Allah about what you know better than I do.”

Imam Ali Al-Naqi (as) said: “I want to honor you. What shall you choose, ten thousand dinars or the news of good tidings of an everlasting honor?” She replied: “The good news of a son from me.” Imam Ali Al-Naqi (as) said: “Glad tidings for you, for you shall beget a child who will rule over the East and the West and fill the earth with justice and equity as it is filled with injustice and tyranny.” Nargis Khatoon (sa) asked: “By whom (I shall have this son)?” Imam Ali Al-Naqi (as) replied in Roman language: “By the one for whom Prophet Mohammad (SAW) had betrothed you on the night of so and so, the month of so and so, and the year of so and so….”

Imam Ali Al-Naqi (as) described in detail the visions that she had. He added: “By the one to whom Jesus (as) and his disciple gave you in marriage.” She said: “Your son Imam Hassan Askari (as).” Imam Ali Al-Naqi (as) said: “Do you know him?” She replied: “There was not a night, he has not visited me since the time I embraced Islam at the hands of Fatima daughter of Prophet Mohammad (SAW).”

By: Dr. Jawad Larry Ansari