Story No. 484 – Baqiyatallah, Hazrat Imam Mahdi (aj) and Truthful Barber

The distinguished scholar, Sheikh Baqir Kadhimi, who lived near Najaf-e-Ashraf, narrates that a truthful barber, once related the following story:

I had an old father, whom I served diligently. I exercised such great care never to be neglectful towards him, that I would even place water for him in the toilet and remain in wait outside till he emerged. All throughout (the week) I would be watchful of him, except on Wednesday evenings when I would proceed to Masjid-e-Sahlah hoping to meet Baqiyatallah, Hazrat Imam Mahdi (aj).

One Wednesday I was very busy and did not find a spare moment until it was almost sunset. Nevertheless, I set off towards Masjid-e-Sahlah alone in the dark. It was a moonlit night and I still had one third of the journey to cover when suddenly I observed an Arab, seated on a horse, coming towards me. I said to myself, “This Arab is surely going to loot me”, but when he had come closer, he spoke in the local dialect, and sought to know where I was heading for?

I told him that I intended to go to Masjid-e-Sahlah, whereupon he inquired if I had anything with me to eat. When I replied that I did not, he spoke with some sternness, and said: “You have some food in your pocket.”

Putting my hand into my pocket, I found some raisins, which I had purchased for my son but had forgotten to give him.

The Arab then said: “I recommend you to serve your father”, and, repeating this three times, he suddenly disappeared.

It was only later that I realized that it was Baqiyatallah, Hazrat Imam Mahdi (aj) himself that I had seen and that he was not pleased that I stopped serving my father, even for the purpose of going to Masjid-e-Sahlah on Wednesday evenings.