Story No. 492 – Imam al-Mahdi (as): This is me the promised one!

The heat of the sun burned the surface of the desert and made it actually impossible for any living thing to carry on. He missed his caravan and didn’t know the way. Wherever he turned, he saw the endless desert.

He lost his patience because of the great thirst and felt himself somehow on the verge of death. He thought for a while and said to himself: “I must die. Those vultures flying over my head and these ants are all after my dead body. There is no way out and death is irresistible.

Suddenly, he came to himself by the neigh of a horse. Then he gathered all his power to open up his eyes and look at the horizon. Suddenly he saw a handsome young horseman who was coming toward him. He said to himself: “Is it an illusion? Am I dreaming? Is he really coming to help me?”

The horseman approached and gave him a bowl of water. He drank it up and said “What a fine water! How cold and sweet it is! Who are you, O man?!”

You actually rescued me!

The stranger answered: “It is me who shall fill the world with justice. This is me, Allah’s true reason and proof for His servants. I am Allah’s Remainder.”

All at once the man began to tremble. He felt himself as a drop before an ocean of firmness and generosity. The 12th Imam, Imam al-Mahdi (as) then told him: “Close your eyes!” He closed his eyes and when he opened them upon the Imam’s command, he found himself in front of his missing Caravan. The moment he really came to and looked around to thank 12th Imam, Imam al-Mahdi (as), he found that the Imam (May God hasten his glad advent) was gone and disappeared