Story No. 83 – The signs of happiness

There was a young couple who led a very happy life together. The only thing that they worried

about was, whether their happiness would last forever or would they too would have to face

problems. One day, they heard that a wise old man had come to town; he could solve all kinds of

problems and guide people. So the couple decided to visit the wise old man and tell him their

source of worry.

The wise old man told them; “Travel around the world and seek a man and a woman who are

perfectly happy as a couple. When you find such a couple, ask them for a piece of cloth from the

man’s shirt, then keep that piece of cloth with you, and you always remain happy.”

The young couple began their journey, to find the happiest couple in their world. In one place

they heard that the governor and his wife were the happiest people, so they went to their palace

and asked them, “Are you the happiest couple?”

The governor and his wife replied, “Yes, we are happy in every way except for one thing;

we do not have any children.”

Well that didn’t make the governor and his wife the happiest couple. So they continued their

journey. They arrived in one city where they had heard that the happiest couple lived.

They went to their house and asked them, “Are you the happiest couple?”

The couple replied, “Yes, we are really happy in every way except that we have too many children

which make our life a bit uncomfortable.”

No, this couple did not sound to be the happiest. And, so they continued their journey. They visited

many countries, cities, towns and villages asking the same

question but they did not find what they were looking for.

One Day the young couple came across a shepherd in the desert.

The shepherd was grazing his sheep when his wife and child

came along. The shepherd greeted his wife and gently patted

the child she was carrying. She laid the mat and started to eat

contentedly. The young couple came to them and asked them,

“Are you the happiest couple?”

The shepherd and his wife replied, “Nobody is unhappier than

the king.” The young couple immediately realized that they were

the happiest couple and asked them for a piece of the shepherd’s

shirt, so that their happiness too would last throughout.

The shepherd said, “If I give you a piece of cloth from my shirt

then I will be left without any clothes since I own just one shirt.”

The young couple at once understood that it is very difficult to

find perfect happiness anywhere in the world. The couple decided to return to their own country.

They went to the wise old man and related all that had taken place. They also complained that his

guidance was difficult to abide by.

The wise old man laughed and said, “Was your journey useless or did you learn something from it?”

The young man replied, “Yes, after this trip I have learnt that in this world, nobody is perfectly

happy, only that person is happy who does everything to please God.”

Holy Quran (2:38) says:

“And whosever follows My (Allah’s) guidance, on them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve.”

The wife said, “I have learnt that in order to be happy it is important to remember two things;

first, all human beings should be thankful and contented with whatever they have.”

Holy Quran  (14:7) says:

“And your Lord declared publicly: if you are grateful, I will add more favors unto you.”

And secondly, for ultimate happiness one must always practice patience.

Holy Quran (2:45) says: “Seek help through patient perseverance and prayers.”

After that, young couple thanked the wise old man for his guidance and returned home. The wise

man prayed for them and said, “Indeed the sign of happiness is in their heart and they have good

manners and if the lifetime is spent in pleasure of God there would be no differences in the exis-

tence of mankind.”

Holy Quran (20:123-124) says: “Whosoever follows My (Allah’s) guidance, will not loose his way or fall

into misery But whosoever turns away from My message, verily for him is a miserable life.”