Challenge Day 10 – Giving charity

Mehdi and Yahya – We are still sorting out toys that we can give away to charity. We gave some money to charity so other families can buy food and clothes.

Fizza – Salaam aunty Erum, i gave these things to my maids..(Some butter and Chocolates)

Masooma – Salam Erum aunty,

Today we discussed what I am grateful for from Allah swt and what I could do to help those in need. I’ve decided to sort my toys into those that I no longer need and are in a good condition like the (7 balls in the garden) and donate them to a childrens charity.

Message from Aunty Erum – 04.05.20

Assalaamu alaikum children,

I hope you are all well. I am so happy with all the work you have been sending in. It is great to see that you are all making the right choices and working towards being great Muslims and role models. May Allah protect you all Insha’Allah. Keep up the great work. All those children who have been sending work in will soon be receiving a Bronze certificate for taking part in the first 10 days of the challenge. After 20 days you will receive a Silver certificate and then at the end a Gold certificate, so keep the work coming in.
Stay safe.


Aunty Erum