Challenge Day 22 – Amaals

Zahra –
In my bag I have got a heart to remind me to be kind to everyone and always smile even if you do not like them,
I have got a coin to remind me to five Charity,
I have got a note book and pen to always remind me of things and to take notes,
I have got a lock to always remind me Allah SWT is always there for me and to treasure the good memories in the lock for when I am upset
I have also got an eraser to remind me Allah is the all forgiving and that if I ask for forgiveness truly and try not to repeat then allah SWT is so merciful that he would for give me for all my mistakes.

Challenge Day 21 – Call a member of your family

Mahdiya –
As part of the challenge I rang my khala who lives in Bradford. She said she was fine and that she was decorating her bedroom. She showed me what she has done so far on FaceTime. It was good to speak to her.

Fizza –
Today i called my cousin after so many days and enjoyed talking to her.

Shireen called her aunty in kenya 🇰🇪
Hassan called his naani in india 🇮🇳